Our Team

  Brigette Brouillard is the Founder and Executive Director of Second Chances. She is very passionate about educating people about the importance of making good decisions that effect both wildlife and humans. Wildlife are often the “forgotten” animals and even disliked. Brigette tries to let people see these amazing creatures in a different light. Each animal has it’s niche and is important to our ecosystem. Brigette is a graduate of EKU and enjoys running, hiking, cheering on her daughter in lacrosse, and visiting her son in college. 

Patti Roach has always loved animals. She is a recently retired teacher who had a variety of class pets – hamsters, lizards, fish, a tarantula, and hissing cockroaches. She and her husband have two children in college. She is enjoying getting “up close” with the animals at the center.


Kristina Schnell has been volunteering at Second Chances since July of 2017. She works full time in the Pathology lab as a Pathology Tech at Norton Hospital Downtown. She has a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and Associates degree in Biology from Indiana University Southeast. She loves all animals, raccoons may be her favorite. When she is not working or at SCWC, Kristina takes care of her dogs, 2 cats, and potbelly pig (Pork chop), and enjoys being outside and with her family.

lg 029   Eva Fitzpatrick  has been with Second Chances for five years now. She has kept many various animals in her house as well.   Eva worked for Abbott Pharmaceutical Company for long time before going part-time at another company helping patients in their own homes. Eva is one of our licensed rehabbers. Eva has two children in college. 
nicole r   Nicole Rompf is a Corporate Communications graduate from Western Kentucky university. She is an experienced and current  Yoga instructor in Louisville. Nicole has two teenagers, one of which has been volunteering with Second Chances herself. Nicole adopted two parrots that needed homes and also has cats. Nicole is also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. 
IMG_7933   Carol Kuntz is a retired Jefferson County School teacher and counselor. She has a BA from Morehead State University, and masters degrees from Morehead, University of Louisville, and Western Kentucky University.  She loves all animals but especially the raccoons and opossums.  She wishes everyone would see the beauty in all animals and respect their right to life. Carol is one of our licensed wildlife rehabilitators. 
  In addition to volunteering with Second Chances,  Annemarie Sacra works full time as a public servant with the Kentucky Division of Water.   She has always had a passion for providing care to others and lives in Mount Washington with her husband, 3 dogs, and 2 horses.   In her free time this newlywed loves to be outdoors, especially on the lake or riding ATV’s.  
tracy   Tracy Leister is a nature enthusiast, and enjoys spending time in the outdoors. She is passionate about volunteering, and this will be her third year at Second Chances. Tracy feels like wildlife is often forgotten, and loves being a part of such a special team and organization. In her free time Tracy likes to hike, boat, travel, and spend time with her family. Tracy is married and the mother of twin boys.  Tracy is excited to be able to foster that love in her children; as well as all the children Second Chances reaches every year.  
  Kris Russell always wanted to be a teacher and enjoyed teaching in NC, FL and Louisville, KY. She then worked for the phone company for twenty years. After retiring, Kris began volunteering. She works with  Every Child Learns for Jefferson County , Kentucky Center for the Arts,CASA, and  pet transport. She learned of Second Chances and saw it as a new way to share her love of all things furry. Kris states “It has been such a delight to care for and love this wildlife. I never imagined myself holding skunks, squirrels or opossums.” Kris’s favorite animal is Major.  
  Alexia Harris has been with Second Chances since 2014, and states she “could not be prouder to work with such a passionate and dedicated team”. Her favorite animal is a fox. In the coming year, she hopes to take her passion for wildlife a step further by moving from a civilian volunteer to becoming a fully licensed wildlife rehabber. Outside of Second Chances, Alexia loves yoga, reading, hula hooping, and is training as a fire performer. 
  Maxim is a software developer from Ukraine. He considers himself fortunate to get to spend time with and take care of the awesome animals at Second Chances each week. He’s grateful for support of other wonderful volunteers and Brigette. Enjoys being outside: mountain biking, hiking, kayaking. Plays volleyball. 
  Velvet M Yeager is BSN graduate of Western Kentucky University.  She is a life-long animal lover and is delighted to be a part of our team.  She became aware of SCWC thanks to Bandit Patrol on Nat Geo TV.  When she realized our new location was conveniently close to her home, she took it as a sign from God that she needed to get involved.  In addition to working full-time at an area hospital and volunteering in the care of our wildlife, Velvet is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful girls.  
  Samantha Milburn is  a nature and wildlife enthusiast. She is passionate about helping others and volunteering. She is drawn to animals more “because they don’t have a voice to speak for themselves”. Sam believes all creatures are beautiful and would love to become a licensed rehabber down the road. Besides volunteering, she is a college student who loves photography.
kelsey   Kelsey Carrier is a student at Bellarmine University studying Pre Vet. She is also a tutor at Bellarmine. She has been with Second Chances for three years now. Recently, she participated in an ecology study abroad program working with marine mammals in Belize. At home, she cares for her cats and ferret.  
   Tammy Lawson is a Global Citizen Scientist and former POA Specialist with UPS SCS CustomHouse Brokerage. Her true passions have always been animals and nature. Last year Tammy became a team member volunteering in many aspects and promoting the importance of wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. Tammy and her husband own a family farm where they live with their dogs, quarter horses, honey bees, raise Black Angus cattle, and enjoy spending time with their daughters, grandsons and son-in-law. 

Shelley Hunter has been volunteering for Second Chances since July 2017. She retired from the Kentucky State Real Estate Commission and currently works full-time in the School of Business at Bellarmine University. She loves the outdoors and being close to nature. Shelley has four sugar gliders, a cat and dog. She is married and has a daughter in graduate school and two boys in high school. Her favorite hobbies are four-wheeling, traveling and being around animals.


    Ann has been a volunteer since July 2017. Her favorite animals at the center are opossums, especially when they’re eating! During the day she works as project manager for a local non-profit and at night she takes care of her pug mix, Mr. Chester She also serves as a foster mom for Bluegrass Pug Rescue. Ann has always preferred interacting with animals and working at the center provides her with an outlet to relax and focus on creatures for whom she has a deep respect.
1376502_10152029439958099_1091686056_n    Christy Mesker is a nature lover, animal lover and all around gadget geek. She is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a BS in Computer Information Systems and co-owner of an IT company in the Louisville area.  She lives with her husband, three dogs and two gerbils on 11 acres full of nature and wildlife. Christy is our very important, behind the scenes tech-magic guru! We love and appreciate her!