Provide a Release Site

Do you have a good release site for our animals returning to the wild?
Would you like the opportunity for wildlife to be released on your property? We are always looking for safe locations to once again offer our rescues a second chance for life in the “wild”. Releasing is an important part of what we do.
Our animals are all vaccinated before release time so they are free of any diseases when leaving us. We vaccinate for parvo, distemper, and rabies. We also deworm our animals
Each release site needs to meet the following criteria:
  • At least five acres.
  • Has a year-round water source.
  • No hunting allowed.
  • Not near a busy road.
  • Not exceeding 10 miles outside of Jefferson, Oldham, Henry, or Shelby counties.
If you are interested in allowing us to release on your property, please e-mail or call us. Each release will be arranged with you to find a mutual date that is suitable for both of us. And of course, you get to be there for the release!