JB message

Who does not want an adorable PERSONALIZED message from JB, our delightfully famous Justin Beaver? 

Just send us a quick email with a 4-5 sentence message you’d like JB to send to your friend, family, co-worker, etc,  and we’ll send it within 3 days of your email. Each message is just $11 and you can pay via Paypal. Proceeds go back to the care of JB! Great for birthdays, anniversaries, first day of school, holidays, and just because. Email at assistant@secondchanceswildlife.org. 

DISCLAIMER: We do NOT advocate trying to keep a wildlife animal as a pet. That is illegal. JB is licensed for education through the USDA. It costs a LOT of money to operate Second Chances and to continue to save animal after animal. This fun way to raise a little money will help care for JB and other animals under our care. All JB had to do to make this message system work, it to smile for one picture.