Rehabilitate and Release

Rehabilitate and Release

Each year we care for over one hundred injured, displaced, or orphaned wildlife animals. Many of them are babies that need round the clock intensive care. Some neonates come to us just days or even hours new…with umbilical cords still attached. Some native mammal species that we take in include skunks, opossums, flying squirrels, eastern grey and red squirrels, raccoons, mink, and bats. Brigette Brouillard has had special training in the rehabilitation bats and works closely with Federal Fish and Wildlife bat biologists. We rehabilitate bats form all over Kentucky. Bats are crucially important to our ecosystem.

Some animals we receive are caught in traps, hit by cars, poisoned, fallen or cut from trees, Mothers shot and babies left to die, dog and cat attacks. Many opossum babies are pulled from a deceased Mom’s pouch. Often, Moms are hit by cars and die, but the pouch protects the babies who survive! Approximately 90% of our patients are with us due to human encroachment in some way. 

Our team knows just the right formula and food to feed these animals. We provide affection when it is needed at infant stage and graduate to no contact. This is for the benefit of humans and the animals. We assure that these animals are self-reliant and can survive without human assistance. We deworm and vaccinate all animals before they are released.

The average stay at our center depends on the heath of the animals. Should a healthy baby come in, it could be with us for several months! Raccoons stay with us an average of six months. Would you believe that beavers stay with rehabiliatators for two-three years? When our animals are ready to transition back into the wild, we provide them with a safe area. This area contains food and water sources and is in a location with minimal human interference and no hunting.

If you would like to provide a release site for any species of animals, please e-mail us with some details! We are always looking for new release sites.