Wildlife Control Consultations

Nuisance Consultations

We are available for both residents and corporate consultations.

Our consultations are not to be confused by wildlife extractor companies. We are sorry, but at this time, we do not remove animals. Our goal is to offer that in the future, although we will not trap and relocate any animals even then. Relocation will not prevent future problems and the likelihood of the relocated animal surviving is not great. We can provide you with often less expensive long terms solutions. Removing one animal only makes room for another. Exclusion methods and some degree of tolerance are ultimately more successful and lasting.

If you are having a repetitive problem with unwanted wildlife, we can help. We can survey the area about which you are calling for possible reasons why wildlife is visiting there. If you don’t prevent the problem, it will continue to happen over and over, even after relocating an animal.

Ecologic Habitat Consultations

We are available for residents, landscaping companies, and property management companies.

Whether you are trying to attract wildlife or get “rid” of wildlife, we can help. Landscaping to can be a benefit or hinder to wildlife. Perhaps you live in a building where there are bats. Several species are protect by law and you can not just remove or kill them. We can work to keep your building bat-free while providing an appropriate new habitat for them.

 We provide clients, in all sectors, with advice on wildlife issues. Whatever the ecological requirement we will work closely with you to ensure you get the most sustainable solutions, tailored to your needs, with the minimum disruption to your project.