Become a Wildlife Partner

Become a Wildlife Partner

Years and years ago, our Great Earth belonged to animals. People came later. We are now neighbors. Not everyone understands the importance of sharing the land humanely so generations can enjoy what we currently have. Isn’t it a beautiful sight to see free roaming birds and mammals in mountains, forests, marshes, parks, your back yard? They bring joy to our eyes and hearts. As the writer and traveler, Gerald Durrell, once said, “All over the world the wildlife that I write about is in grave danger. It is being exterminated by what we call the progress of civilization”.

Second Chances has been there to help our other neighbors: you. We have made ourselves available to all who needs us, whether it is a holiday, or weekend, or evening. We want to be able to continue to offer this help. In order to do this, however, we need YOUR help. We ask you, our neighbor, to return the help. You are the strength that keeps us going and we plan to be here for a long time!

Our Wildlife Partners are a special group of supporters who choose to make a small monthly contribution that allows us to save lives. Not only do these regular contributions provide necessary resources to feed our babies, or operate on broken limbs, but it allows us the ability to form some type of stable budget. Each month, your credit card will be charged the amount in which you choose. You can also choose to cancel your monthly commitment at any time.

How does this type of contribution benefit you? By offering a small monthly gift, the impact on you and your family is very minimal, yet it adds up to a bit more than you regularly give once or twice a year. By choosing even a small amount such as $20, $25, or more, it really adds up to a huge blessing for our animals. While the annual total will likely be less than a portion of our monthly spending, it is most appreciated and useful.

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