Dear Turkey Fairy,

Thanksgiving is almost here and I wanted to tell you what I am thankful for this year. I am most thankful that someone found me and brought me to Second Chances. Even though I couldn’t be returned to the wild, someone kept me and loves me anyway. I call her Mommy. I am thankful when she picks me up and puts me on the couch. I love to snuggle in her legs with a warm blanket on top. I am also thankful that when “it’s time to go Nite Nite”, she carries me up and puts me in the bed with her. I am the only education animal that gets to do that! I am special. I am thankful when Daddy forgets to put away gum, when Molly leaves her backpack on the floor and it has treats inside. Mommy doesn’t like when this happens though. One time, even Kyle left his backpack n the floor and I know how to unzip things. I am thankful that I am so smart that I can unzip zippers. I am thankful when Mommy sprinkles cheese or peanut oil on my  vegetables so they taste better. I am thankful for carpet because it’s fun to play on. I am thankful that Mommy doesn’t let people touch me when we teach classes together because that scares me. I am thankful that people think I’m so cute, though, because that might save some of my cousins’ lives. When other skunks visit, I am glad that Mommy doesn’t let them in the house and especially not my bed!