I am thankful for really small toys that crinkle. I love to roll around with them. Sometimes Mommy rubs my belly when I am playing and I like that! I am thankful for crumbs left on the floor because I always find them. I am very thankful for Mommy’s soft and warm sweater that she leaves on her bottom shelf. I pull it out and snuggle inside. I can even hide inside! I am thankful that just because I only have three legs that work and couldn’t be placed in the wild, someone still loves me. I love her too. I am mostly thankful for her lap after breakfast time. All I have to do is stand at Mommy’s feet and she picks me up. I give her licks of love and fall asleep on her warm, safe  lap. Sometimes I stand at the baby gate and cry for her when I want more love. I am thankful that she always picks me up and lets me snuggle under her chin. Sometimes Mommy thinks I might bite her ear so she hides it.  Did I say I was thankful for food? I am. I love all sorts of food any time of day. I really love almond slices. Mmmmmm…..