Just yesterday, I had 2 calls wanting us to take a raccoon that was trapped on their property. This is where educations is the most important key we have.

1. You could be making babies become orphans. Mom could have a nest somewhere where you don’t know.

2. Sometimes you think you are trapping one animals, but you end up trapping another one. Unless you see it being trapped, you have no way of knowing for sure.

3. Trapped wildlife gets extremely stressed and can injure themselves trying to free themselves.

4. Dropping off an animals in an unknown area leads to starvation and then death. They just don’t know where the food and water sources are. Raccoons have been recorded dying around two weeks after the release. Would you like to slowly starve to death?

5. You help to spread diseases.

6. When you drop off an animal somewhere. more than,likely, others have already staked claim on that territory and can be very aggressive towards the newly “relocated” one.

7. Once you have relocated an animal, you have made room for a new one to come in. You have eliminated the food and and housing competition.

8. Most importantly, unless you find out WHY certain animals are visiting your house, you will continue to have this problem….over and over and over and over…

There are ways to live humanely with your wildlife neighbors. There are certain things that you can do to deter wildlife from visiting you. We have ideas on our website and we are available to consult with you to find solutions.